100th anniversary of Gabiden Mustafin – 50 Tenge – Kazakhstan – nickel coin

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Product Description

Date of issue: 29 October 2002.

Gabiden Mustafin (1902 – 1985) was Kazakh writer, public figure, national writer of Kazakhstan (1984), academician of the Academy of Sciences (1984). His novels are “Shiganak” (1945), “Karaganda” (1952), “After storm” (1959); autobiographic novel ” Eye-witness” (part 1, 1963).

Averse: State Emblem of Kazakhstan against ornamental background; face value of the coin “50 ТЕҢГЕ”;  legend in Kazakh “NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN”.

Reverse: portrait of Gabiden Mustafin; “1902” means the date of birth of the writer; “2002” means the year of coinage; name of the coin in Kazakh “GABIDEN MUSTAFIN”.

Lateral surface is grooved.

Weight: 11,17 gr.

Diameter: 31 mm.

Mintage: 50 000.

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