Payment & Shipping

This document is effective as of Febr. 15, 2019 (no major modifications have been made since that date). 


We accept: bank transfer, Western Union/Moneygram, Paypal, credit or debit card.

In case of paying with debit or credit card the card’s issuer should be from the same country as your shipping address otherwise we may either request additional information or delay shipment for at least 14 days. 

You can pay either in USD, EUR or GBP (please choose a preferred currency at the top menu).


It is your responsibility to enter the shipping details correctly. We do not check correctness of provided addresses or any other personal data. 
If you found you entered wrong shipping address please contact us as soon as possible. If the order has not been shipped yet we would correct the address. Otherwise you should try to contact your local postal service to arrange delivery.  
In case the order is returned back due to you stated incorrect shipping details please follow our Return Policy.

Shipping options available

Registered Mail (max. insured amount: 30 USD)

Shipping cost (depends on order’s weight): from 2.50 USD worldwide

Delivery Time: normally 7-20 days (15-45 days for orders shipped in November, December, January) depending on destination country, however sometimes there may be a delay for 60 days (75 days for orders shipped in November, December, January). The shipping time is beyond our control therefore we do not accept undelivery claims for Registered Mail within 60 days (75 days for orders shipped in November, December, January) from dispatch.

Value Declaration: in case the order is small enough we will not declare the value or the content on or inside the envelope/package. Otherwise it will be shipped as either Small Packet or Parcel and declared for 30 USD.

Insured Mail (max. insured amount: 500 USD)

Insured Mail is the same shipping option as Registered Mail above but it also includes 500 USD insurance.

Please note that some countries do not accept insured (valued) shipments so this option is not available to all customers. You are responsible to be aware of whether your country’s postal service accept insured (valued) shipments before choosing this shipping option.

Express Courier (max. insured amount: 100 USD)

Shipping cost (depends on destination country, order’s weight and carrier): from 50 USD worldwide

Delivery Time: normally 3-7 business days depending on destination country, however sometimes there may be a delay for 21 days. The shipping time is beyond our control therefore we do not accept undelivery claims for Express Courier within 21 days from dispatch.

Value Declaration: we will declare the shipment for up to 100 USD.

Please request exact quotes for Express Courier by contacting us

After we received your payment

The order will be dispatched within 1-3 business days after cleared payment arrived. We will provide you with tracking number just after shipping.

If you have chosen debit or credit card payment option your order will be dispatched within 7 days after payment arrived.

 If there are pre-sale products in your order it will be shipped within 3 business days after all ordered products are available in stock.  

We always package the orders professionally! We do our best to send the orders in such way that you would not pay additional customs duties or any other fees. However, please remember that we are not responsible for any customs/border duties or fees you paid in your country.

If you have received the order that not as described

If the order you have received arrived not as described (wrong, damaged, incompleted, etc.), you should provide us with copy of signed and stamped paper document from your postal office confirming the issue. If you do not provide us with the document we will not be able to accept the claim.

If you have received the products that not as described please follow our Return Policy which is part of this document. 

Please take a note that we do not accept any claim for the banknotes! Please evaluate attached images thoroughly before buying! Only buy the banknote if you are satisfied with its condition.

Delivery time & insurance issues

You are responsible for choosing appropriate method of shipping suitable to you by delivery time and insured amount. It means that you agree to wait for the appropriate delivery time before sending us undelivery claim. It also means that in case of proved and confirmed loss of your package we will be able to refund you only insured amount according to the shipping method you have chosen.

Please allow at least 60 days (75 days for orders shipped in November, December, January) for Registered & Insured Mail, at least 21 days  for Express Courier if you do not receive your parcel. We will NOT accept the request if you submit it before the stated period.

If you believe a shipment to be lost, please wait for the appropriate delivery time (see above) to expire, then e-mail a claim to us stating your order details. We will do our best to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Please keep in mind that in case you are from country which local postal services do not provide appropriate online tracking system for inbound registered shipments (Australia, Canada, United States, most Oceanian countries), first we should be confirmed by our post that your parcel is lost. The confirmation normally takes 2 months from the investigation starts and we are unable to speed it up.

In all cases shipping cost is NOT included to insured amount and NOT refundable.