Return Policy

We only accept return for a product that was not as described.

Please take a note that we do not accept any claims for the banknotes that was not described as UNC banknotes! Please evaluate attached images thoroughly before buying! Only buy the banknote if you are satisfied with its condition.

If you have received the items that not as described, please contact us as soon as possible but no later than 3 calendar days of receipt of the order.

Please do not return the items prior to contacting us! If you do not follow this the return will be considered as “unauthorised return” (see below).

You must use internationally trackable shipping service and provide us with tracking number after shipping the order back.

In no case we accept a return that sent back to us later than 10 calendar days of receipt of the order.

All returns must be in original, resalable condition with all original packaging.

If the product is returned without original packaging, removed from holders or capsules. damaged due to bad packaging or not in original condition, we reserve the right either not to accept the return or to accept the return subject to a 30% restocking fee, at our sole discretion.

Authorized return

If the product you have received arrived damaged, you should provide us with copy of signed and stamped paper document from your postal office confirming the damage. If you do not provide us with the document we will not be able either to accept the return or provide a reimbursement for damage.

If the product you have received was the incorrect or damaged (see note above) product we normally would suggest a partial refund without returning the product back or a refund for the cost of product after receiving the product back. We also may suggest to exchange the product in question, at our sole discretion.

An amount of partial refund depends on the actual damage but in no case it may be more than 20% of product’s cost.

Refunds of all items are for the cost of product only. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. If you have a document confirming the damage you should request reimbursement for the postal charges from your post office.

If there is a disputed situation (for example the order arrived damaged but you did not get any official confirmation) please provide us with as much evidences (photos,  videos of product, envelop, packaging materials, etc.) as possible. Also in order to be in line with 10 days return period, please response to our requests for additional details as quickly as possible. We will do our best to resolve the issue fairly.

The return is at your own risk and your own expense. Unpaid returns or if we must pay to the courier are not accepted.

Also you should arrange a return correctly. Please do not declare any value for return. Incorrectly arranged return or if we must pay any import taxes or duties will not be accepted.

You are responsible for return shipping cost, bank fees, customs duties and other appropriate fees concerning the return on your side.

Unauthorized return

If the order is returned back due to you do not collect your package (for instance: you refused to follow customs or any other requirements in your country) we would charge you:
20% of restocking fee; and
2 x shipping cost (as we also pay the same amount for way back)

If the item is returned back due to you returned the package without our consent we would charge you:
20% of restocking fee; and
1 x shipping cost

If the order is returned back due to you stated incorrect shipping address and you do not agree we resend the order to correct address at your expense (again, you should pay 2 x shipping cost as explained above), we will charge you the same amount as stated in “Unauthorized return” section above.

If the order is returned back due to our mistake, we will resend the order at our expense.