Cancellation Policy

The policy is for the order cancellation or modification only. If you want to return your order please refer our Return Policy.

If you did not pay for your order and wanted to cancel your order, you do not need to do anything. The order will be cancelled automatically, the cancelled order details will be removed within 7 days.

As we offer the fast order processing all week long including holidays and weekends, please contact us as soon as possible if you need to modify or cancel your order. Make sure to provide your order number and the modification you would like to make and we’ll confirm once the modification has been made. Any orders that have already been shipped CAN NOT be modified, cancelled or refunded.

Please kindly note that you can cancel or modify your order under the following terms:

  • Your order is not packed yet – your order can be cancelled and you will be charged 5 USD / 5 EUR / 5 GBP cancellation fee. An order modification is allowed for adding the additional items to your order or changing any item to another one.
  • Your order is packed and ready to ship – your order can be cancelled and you will be charged 15 USD / 15 EUR / 15 GBP service fee (there is an additional charge for the large orders). No modification is allowed at this stage, however we can combine two orders into one if the first order has not been shipped yet (we will refund you overcharged shipping then) .
  • Your order is shipped – no further cancellation or modification is possible. Please refer our Return Policy if you want to return your order.

If you need to cancel or modify your order and you agree with the above terms, please contact us at providing your order details and wait for our response (in business hours we will reply quickly). After the cancellation is confirmed by our support team, you will get a partial refund within 2-3 hours.

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