Sable (Martes Zibellina) – 200 Tenge – 2018 – Kazakhstan – melchior coin (proof-like)

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Product Description

On the front side of the coins there is a stylized image of the planet Earth in the palms, which symbolizes the respect for all its inhabitants, the inscription indicating the denomination of the coin and the trademark of the Kazakhstan Mint. Along the rim there is an inscription “NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN”.

On the reverse of coins there is an image of sable in the branches of a coniferous tree. Along the circumference there are inscriptions “SABLE”, “MARTES ZIBELLINA” (the zoological name of the species) and the number “2018”, indicating the year of minting.

Issue date: 11/12/2018

Denomination: 100 tenge

Metal content: melchior 15,00 g

Diameter: 33 mm

Quality: proof-like

Circulation: 3,000

The coin comes in capsule and box. 

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