Bakhyt, Happiness (Salikhitdin Aitbayev) – 500 Tenge – 2018 – Kazakhstan – silver coin

Bakhyt, Happiness (Salikhitdin Aitbayev) – 500 Tenge – 2018 – Kazakhstan – silver coin


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Bakhyt by S. Aibayev continues a series of coins “Fine art of Kazakhstan”, designed to promote the wealth of national culture and to reveal the full range of areas in the fine arts of Kazakhstan (graphics, sculpture, painting, mosaic, etc.).

On the front side (obverse) of coins in the central part of the ornamental background depicts the coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan framed by the inscription “REPUBLIC of KAZAKHSTAN”. The logo of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan is in the upper part of the coin. To the left of the logo there is an inscription “Aitbayev”, to the right – “BAKHYT”. At the bottom of the coin the inscription ” 500 TENGE», indicate the denomination. To the left the inscription “2018”, denoting the year of coinage, to the right are the inscriptions Ag 925 and 31.1 g, denoting the metal from which the coin is made, its purity and mass.

On the reverse side of the coins there is a miniature painting “Bakhyt”, the author of which is a Kazakh artist and honored artist of the Kazakh SSR – Salikhitdin Aitbayev.

The coin is made with application of technology of color printing. The coin has the shape of a square 37×37 mm. Coins are made of 925 silver, weight-31.1 g., quality of production – “proof”, mintage – 1 500 pieces.

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.