E. Sidorkin – 500 Tenge – 2006 – Kazakhstan – silver coin

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Product Description

Face value: 500 tenge

Date of issue 28 December 2006

Obverse: A canvas with painted face value of the coin and year of coinage is placed in the center of the coin. The upper part has trade mark of Kazakhstan Mint. The metal its fineness and weight “Ag 925  31,1 gr.” is indicated in the lower part. Along the perimeter of the coin wide edging includes legends in Kazakh and English “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” divided by dots.

Reverse: Apples of Almaty, a picture of E. Sidorkin is places in the center. Under this picture there is facsimile the painter, his name is indicated to the left and to the right of the picture. Along the perimeter of the coin wide edging includes legends “APPLES OF ALMATY” in Kazakh and English divided by dots.

Lateral surface is grooved.

Weight: 31,1 gr.

Diameter: 38,61 mm

Fineness: 925 Ag,

Quality: proof

Mintage: 4 000.

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.

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