Abay – 50 Tenge – Kazakhstan – nickel coin

Abay – 50 Tenge – Kazakhstan – nickel coin


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Face value – 50 tenge

Date of issue – 14 August 2015

A portrait of the Kazakh educator and thinker Abai was depicted on the obverse of the 20 tenge banknote of 1993. Currently the banknote is withdrawn from circulation.

Obverse: state emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the center; inscriptions “50” and “TENGE” at the bottom indicate the denomination of the coin; to the left and to the right are mirrored elements of the national ornament; inscriptions “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” in Kazakh and Russian; at the top is the logo of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan; protruding rim along the circumference.

Reverse: in the center of the coin is a fragment of the front of the 20 tenge banknote, which features a portrait of Abai; inscription “ABAY” in Kazakh, the number “2015”, which indicates the year of coinage, and banknote’s graphic elements are along the circumference; protruding rim along the circumference.

The edge of the coin is grooved.

Weight: 11,17 gr.

Diameter: 31 mm

Mintage: 100 000