100th anniversary of A. Margulan – 50 Tenge – Kazakhstan – nickel coin

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Date of issue: 15 December 2004.

Academician Alken Margulan was initiator on research study of steppe civilisation, archaeological science of Kazakhstan. His name ranks with outstanding archaeologists and ethnographers of the world. Thу scientist made inestimable contribution to the development of humanitarian science about Kazakhstan and to the study of distinctive culture and Weltanschauung of Kazakh people. UNESCO decided to announce the year 2004 as the Year of Margulan.

Averse: State Emblem of Kazakhstan against ornamental background; face value of the coin “50 TENGE”;  legend in Kazakh “NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN”.

Reverse: portrait of academician Alken Margulan; name of the coin in Kazakh “A. MARGULAN 100 YEARS”; conventionalized images of rock paintings; “2004” means the year of coinage.

Lateral surface is grooved.

Weight: 11,17 gr.

Diameter: 31 mm.

Mintage: 50 000.

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