Zhalaulinkiy Treasure – 50 Tenge – Kazakhstan – gold coin

Zhalaulinkiy Treasure – 50 Tenge – Kazakhstan – gold coin


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Zhalaulinkiy Treasure.
Face value 50 tenge.
Issued on June 20, 2009.
Averse: the image of ornamental pattern; the legend in Kazakh; the face value of the coin “50 TENGE”; “Au 999” means metal, standard of the coin.
Reverse: the image of gold deer from Zhalaulinkiy Treasure; “2009” means the year of coinage; the heraldic representation of a spiral; the inscription “ZHALAULINSKIY TREASURE”.
Images and inscriptions on the obverse and reverse sides are relief.
Lateral face is grooved.
The coin is made from 999 standard gold, the weight is 0,5 gr, production quality is “proof”.
Mintage: 5 000 (for internal Kazakhstan market)

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.

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