Tilashar – 100 Tenge – 2021 – Kazakhstan – nickel coin

Tilashar – 100 Tenge – 2021 – Kazakhstan – nickel coin


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Face value: 100 tenge

Diameter – 31 mm, thickness – 2 mm, weight – 11,37 gram

Images and inscriptions of observe and back sides of coins are relief.

Tilashar is a special event in the life of every family. Formerly, the custom was carried out after the child uttered his first words. Today tradition symbolizes the first step towards knowledge.

On the front side (obverse) of the coins, in the central part, on an ornamental background, there is the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan, along the circumference – the inscriptions QAZAQSTAN RESPÝBLIKASY • REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN, in the lower part – an inscription 100 TENGE indicating the face value of the coins.

On the reverse side (reverse) of the coins are depicted children’s drawings with elements of school paraphernalia, an inscription with the designation of the sample and weight of the metal from which the coin is made, as well as the year of minting.

Mintage: 100 000

Quality: UNC.