Tamgaly Petroglyphs – 500 Tenge – Kazakhstan – silver coin with pad printing

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Product Description

Face value: 500 tenge

Date of issue: December 20, 2012

The coin is made in the shape of tetrahedron.

Averse: face value of the coin “500 TENGE”; the trademark of Kazakhstan Mint; “Ag 925 24 gr.” means metal, standard of coinage and weight; the image of the coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan in a frame of the «sealing wax press»; name of the issuing bank in Kazakh and in English «NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN»; stylized image of stone surface and petroglyphs of archaeological landscape of Tamgaly;”2012″ means the year of coinage.

Reverse: die stamping of the image of «Solar deity» with sprouted flower through a crack in a stone; name of the coin in Kazakh and in English «PETROGLYPHS OF TAMGALY». Inscriptions are divided by dots.

Lateral surface is smooth without corrugation and inscriptions.

Fineness: 925 Ag

Weight: 50gr.

Diameters: 40,1 x 40,4 mm

Quality: proof

Mintage: 5 000

The coin comes with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.

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