Taikazan – Kazakhstan – 50 Tenge – nickel coin in Mint sealing

Taikazan – Kazakhstan – 50 Tenge – nickel coin in Mint sealing


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The coin of Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) quality comes in Thermal Vacuum Package (TVP). The mintage is 6000.

At all times the cauldron was a symbol of unification and hospitality for Turkic peoples. Therefore a special priority was given to its dimension and external decoration. In such context Turkestani cauldron has no equal. The most known is so-called Taikazan is  placed in Turkestan at Ahmed Yasavi’s mausoleum. Its diameter is about 2,45 meters, weight is two tons. According to the legend the cauldron is made from an alloy of seven metals.

Obverse: the coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan in a frame of pressed inscriptions «NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN» in Kazakh and English; inscription «50 TENGE» at lower part, means face value, trade mark and logo of National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan; number «2014» at upper sector, means year of coinage.

Reverse: an image of a Taikazan and stylized image of the sun in a frame of inscriptions «TREASURES OF THE STEPPE · TAIKAZAN»; elements of a national ornament at lower part and along the circumference.

Lateral surface is grooved.

Weight: 11,17 gr.

Diameter: 31 mm

Mintage: 6000