Sirko – 50 Tenge – Kazakhstan – nickel coin in OVP

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Product Description

The coin of Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) quality comes in Mint Vacuum Package. The mintage is 6000.

Face value: 50 tenge

«Sirco» is a dog and a main character of the Ukrainian national fairy tale which is about a dog and a wolf.

Obverse:  the coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan against ornamental background; face value of the coin — «50», and inscription «TENGE» at lower sector; an element of national ornament secularly represented at the left and the right sector; inscriptions “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” in Kazakh and Russian along the circumference.

Reverse: characters of the Ukrainian national fairy tale «Sirco»; an inscription «SIRKO» in Ukrainian; number «2014» means year of coinage and trade mark of Kazakhstan Mint

Lateral face is grooved.

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