Ovis Orientalis Arcal – 500 Tenge – 2015 – Kazakhstan – silver coin

Ovis Orientalis Arcal – 500 Tenge – 2015 – Kazakhstan – silver coin


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Ustyurt’s moufflon is a subspecies of an Asian moufflon. This is a wild steppe ram of the average sizes on quite long legs. In Kazakhstan live the largest subspecies of Ustyurt’s moufflon which occupies not so much the plateau of the same name in the west of the republic as its steep edges, so-called chinka, and also heights and hollows of the peninsula of Mangyshlak. The moufflon is very mobile, eats poor desert vegetation, and drinks both fresh and bitter and salty water.

Obverse: stylized image of the earth in a hand, symbolizing solicitous attitude to its habitants; Logo of the National Bank of Kazakhstan and «500 TENGE» inscription means face value; inscription «Ag 925 31, 1 g» means metal, standard of coinage and weight; inscription «NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN» along the circumference.

Reverse: an image of an Ustyurt’s moufflon against scales; inscriptions «OVIS ORIENTALIS ARCAL» in Kazakh and Latin; number «2015» means year of coinage.

Lateral face is grooved

Metal: Ag 925

Weight: 31,1 ± 0,31 r/g

Diameters: 38.61 mm

Quality: proof

Mintage: 3 000

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.