Year of Monkey – 500 Tenge – Kazakhstan – gold coin

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Product Description

Face value: 500 tenge

The coin has dodecahedron shape.

Obverse: in the center mythological symbols of constellations of celestial map, «Au 999 7,78 g.» means metal, standard of coinage and weight, wide mat edging along the edge with indication of face value «500 TENGE» and inscription in Kazakh and in English «REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN», conventionalized image of the sun.

Reverse: in the center image of the monkey as the symbol of year 2016 of Oriental calendar, trade mark of Kazakhstan Mint, wide mat edging along the edge with indication of the year of coinage «2016» and inscription in Kazakh, in Russian and in English «ORIENTAL CALENDAR», small image of other eleven symbols of Oriental calendar years.

Lateral surface is smooth without corrugation and inscriptions.

Fineness: 999 Au

Weight: 7.78 g.

Diameter: 21.87 mm

Quality: proof

Mintage: 1 000

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.

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