Babaji-khatun Kenesy – 500 Tenge – 2002 – Kazakhstan – silver coin

Babaji-khatun Kenesy – 500 Tenge – 2002 – Kazakhstan – silver coin

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Face value: 500 tenge.

Date of issue: September 23, 2002.

This mausoleum belongs to monuments of an early Karakhanid period. Original constructive designs of this building allow it to withstand many destructive earthquakes.

Southern Kazakhstan. X-XI centuries.

On the right side of the coin there is a figure “500” on the background of the brickwork fragment of the mausoleum Babaji-khatun with legend “TENGE” under it, which indicate face value of the coin. Upper and lower sectors represent elements of national ornament. Along the circumference there are two legends “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN”.

On the back side of the coin on its central part there is an image of mausoleum front on the background of trees, framed by legend “КЕСЕНЕСI MAUSOLEUM”. On the left side a legend “Ag 925, 24 gr.” indicates production metal, standard of coinage and weight. On the bottom of the right side there is a plan of the mausoleum and the figure “2002”, indicating the year of coinage and the trade mark of Kazakhstan Mint. Along the circumference there is coin’s name “BABAJI-KHATUN”.

Images and legends are relief.

Lateral surface is smooth without corrugations and legends.

The coin is made of 925 standard silver, weight is 24 gr., diameter is 37 mm, thickness is 2,7 mm, proof production quality.

Mintage: 3 000

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.