75 Years of Great Victory – 100 Tenge – 2020 – Kazakhstan – nickel coin

75 Years of Great Victory – 100 Tenge – 2020 – Kazakhstan – nickel coin


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In the design of collection coins, the ideas of the winners of the nationwide contest “Create a Victory Coin” held by the National Bank as part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 were used.

At the heart of the graphic composition of collectible coins “75 years of Victory” laid stylized images of the silhouette of a Soviet soldier on the background of a cracked wall,
symbolizing the destruction brought by the war. In the foreground is the image of the eternal flame, from the flame of which is formed a string of soaring doves, symbolizing the lives of Soviet soldiers, given in the name of peace on earth. On the right side of the composition are stylized images of carnations. In the upper part there is a five-pointed star that separates anniversary dates, and at the same time supports the shaped silhouette of a warrior. The inscriptions on the reverse of the coins are made in Cyrillic, which emphasizes the historical connection with the events of that time.

Coins are made of a nickel MN 25-30, weight – 11.17 grams, diameter – 31 mm, the quality  “brilliant uncirculated”, mintage – 100 000 pieces.