60th Anniversary of the United Nations – 100 Tenge – 2005 – Kazakhstan – bimetallic coin

60th Anniversary of the United Nations – 100 Tenge – 2005 – Kazakhstan – bimetallic coin


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Date of issue: 15 October, 2005.

Face value: 100 tenge.

United Nation Organization was created after World War II and has its primary mission to support and provide international peace and prevent wars. October 24, Day of United Nation Organization is annually celebrated. March 2, 1992 at 46-th Session of UN General Assembly Republic of Kazakhstan was unanimously admitted to UN members at the 46th session of the UN General Assembly.

Two-colored (compound) coin has the form of the circle that consists of concentrically located ring and a disk. The internal disk of a coin is made of nickel alloy of white color, an external ring is made of «nibrass» alloy of yellow color.

On the front side of the coin, in the middle against a background of the grooved circle in two-line there is an inscription «100 TENGE», designating coin denomination. On the circumference there are three elements of national ornament, divided on its upper part by the octagonal rosette; on the left side – by an inscription (Kazakhstan National Bank), on the right side – by the trade mark of Kazakhstan Mint. On the circumference there is salient edging.

In the middle of the back side (reverse) of the coin there is the official emblem of 60-anniversary of the United Nations. On the circumference there is legend Republic of Kazakhstan and in the lower part there is the date «2005», which means the year of coinage. The legend and the year of coinage divided by raised dots. On the circumference there is a salient edging.

Images and legends on the front and back sides of the coin are relief.
Lateral surface (drove) is grooved with the words One Hundred Tenge. Words are divided by five-point stars.
Diameter: 24,5 mm
Thickness: 1,95 mm
Weight: 6,65 g
Mintage: 100 000

Most mintage (80-90%) was in official circulation. The coin you will get is UNC coin.