150 years of Zhambyl Zhabayev – 20 Tenge – Kazakhstan – nickel coin

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Date of issue: 20 August 1996

Zhambyl Zhabayev made significant contribution to cultural and social life of Kazakhstan. “Old wise giant of national poetry Zhambyl, carrying golden spirit of genuine national creations from the middle of past centuries, from the hart of national works”. (M. Auezov).

He was epic poet, akyn of aitys, and poet of civil motives.

Averse: State Emblem of Kazakhstan against ornamental background; face value of the coin “20 TENGE”;  legend in Kazakh “NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN”.

Reverse: portrait of Zhambyl Zhabayev with dombra;  name of the coin in Kazakh “ZHAMBYL 150 YEARS”; “1996” means the year of coinage.

Lateral surface is grooved.

Weight: 11,17 gr.

Diameter: 31 mm.

Condition: XF.

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