Tumar – talisman coin – 100 Tenge – 2017 – Kazakhstan – silver coin with turquoise

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Product Description

Face value – 100 tenge

Tumar is a leather, silver, less often a gold case into which the amulet or talisman is directly put. It is believed that wearing a tumar provides the owner with mind protection, well-being and prosperity.

Collectible silver coin is made in the form of a trihedral case, in which you can put an amulet (talisman). 

In the upper part of the coin there is an element of fastening of two parts (obverse and reverse) of the coin. It is made in the form of a hole around the axis of which there is a shift of the obverse and the reverse of the coin to attach the amulet. The hole can also be used to fasten a chain or cord, with which it can be worn in the form of a medallion-amulet. The fixation of coin parts from spontaneous displacement is carried out with the help of a magnetic lock. The magnetic lock is opened by easy disassembly of the obverse and reverse of the underside of the coin and shifting them relative to each other.

In the center of coin real turquoise is inserted.

Fineness: 925 Ag

Weight: 31, 1 ± 0, 31 r/g

Diameter: 40 mm

Quality: antique finish

Max mintage: 6 000 (3 000 for Kazakhstan internal market)

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.

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