Tulipa Greigii – 500 Tenge – 2017 – Kazakhstan – silver coin

Tulipa Greigii – 500 Tenge – 2017 – Kazakhstan – silver coin


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The coin is made in the shape of oval.

Obverse: face value“500 TENGE” in the center, under the face value metal, fineness and weight of the coin “Ag 925 24 g”,  year of coinage “2017”, trade mark of Kazakhstan mint. The name of issuing bank in Kazakh on the upper sector on the circumference.

Reverse: images of Tulipa greigii using pad printing. The name of the coin and name of the species in Kazakh and Latin “TULIPA GREIGII” on the edge of the oval

Images and inscription of the obverse and reverse sides are relief.

Lateral face is grooved.

Fineness: 925 Ag

Weight: 24 gr.

Oval: 38,61 х 28,81 mm

Quality: proof

Official mintage is 3000 pcs but actually Kazakhstan Mint issued only 1000 pcs (you can find this information on Russian version of National Bank of Kazakhstan website).

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.