Spaceship Vostok – 500 Tenge – Kazakhstan – silver & tantalum coin

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Product Description

Face value: 500 tenge

Date of issue 18 October 2008

Bicolour (compound) coin circle-shaped is consisted of a ring and a disk. Inner disk is made of tantalum, external ring is made of silver.

Averse: the composition, which symbolizes the unity of a man and the universe, bonds of past and present; the face value of the coin «500 TENGE»; two legends «REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN» in Kazakh and English.

Reverse: the Image of the spaceship “Vostok” ; the Image of the Moon ; “1961” means year of first flight of a man to space; the name of the coin is indicated “SPACESHIP “VOSTOK” in Kazakh and English; “2008” means the year of coinage.

Lateral surface is grooved.

Weight 41,4 gr.

Fineness: 925 Ag, 14,6 gr. and Ta, 38,61 gr

Quality: proof

Mintage: 4 000.

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.

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