Kazakhstan 5000 Tenge 2001 AA prefix banknote

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Kazakhstan, 5000 Tenge, 2001


Rare banknote!

You will get the banknote attached.

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4 months 9 days ago

Is this banknote UNC? Thank you.

Support Team
4 months 9 days ago

No, the banknote is not UNC. You will get the banknote attached exactly. It is almost impossible to find this banknote with AA prefix in UNC condition now as they are not in circulation for a long time already. If you would be able to find the banknote in UNC, the price would be about $400.
You can buy this banknote in UNC condition (but not AA prefix) here https://www.kazcoins.com/product/kazakhstan-5000-tenge-2001-banknote-2/.