Love – 500 Tenge – Kazakhstan – silver coin with gilding

Love – 500 Tenge – Kazakhstan – silver coin with gilding


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Face value: 500 tenge

«Love» is the second coin of the series “From heart to heart”  designed to reflect human values through the coins and make sence of an original message from people-to-people. Coins of this series will become a good gift for relatives and people in love.

Obverse: stylized image of the heart with an ornamental insert; an inscription «500 TENGE», means face value of the coin; inscription «Ag 925 31.1 g» means metal, standard of coinage and weight; matting edge along the circumference; inscriptions «NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN» in Kazakh and English; inscriptions are divided by dots.

Reverse: in the central part on a matt surface, the image of  gilded image of the couple; an inscription «LOVE»; inscriptions «FROM HEART TO HEART» in Kazakh, Russian and English along the circumference; inscriptions are divided by dots.

Lateral surface is grooved

Metal: Ag 925

Weight: 31.1 g.

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Quality: proof

Maximum mintage: 3 000

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.

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