Felis Manul – 50 Tenge – 2014 – Kazakhstan – nickel coin

Felis Manul – 50 Tenge – 2014 – Kazakhstan – nickel coin


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Manul (Felis manul) is a predatory mammal of family cats which has size of domestic cat. Eyes amber and apples of eye remains round even at bright light, without getting a slit-like form. Breed is open on the coast of the Caspian Sea in the XVIII century.

Obverse: stylized image of the globe; face value of the coin «50» and logo of Kazakhstan Mint at left; stylized image of animals occupying the Earth planet – our general house; protruding edge and  inscriptions «NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN» in English and Kazakh along the circumference;

Reverse: an  image of a cat (amber enamel is applied on eye-sockets) being in rosh grounds; inscriptions «FELIS MANUL»  in state language and «2014» along the circumferences means year of coinage and graphic elements from a banknote; protruding edge along the circumference.

Lateral face is grooved

Weight: 11.17 g.

Diameters: 31 mm

Mintage: 100 000