Ablai Khan – 500 Tenge – 2017 – Kazakhstan – gold coin

Ablai Khan – 500 Tenge – 2017 – Kazakhstan – gold coin


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Face value – 500 tenge

Obverse: state emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the center; inscriptions “500” and “TENGE” at the bottom indicate the denomination of the coin; to the left and to the right are mirrored elements of the national ornament; inscriptions “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” in Kazakh and Russian; at the top is the logo of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan; protruding rim along the circumference.

Reverse: in the center of the coin is a fragment of the front of the 100 tenge banknote, which features a portrait of Ablai Khan; inscriptions “Ablai Khan” and “Au 999 7.78 g”, the number “2017”, which indicates the year of coinage, and banknote’s graphic elements are along the circumference; protruding rim along the circumference.

The edge of the coin is grooved.

Fineness: Au 999

Weight: 7,78 ± 0,02 gr.

Diameter: 21,87 mm

Quality: proof

Official mintage is 1000 pcs but actually Kazakhstan Mint issued only 200 pcs (you can find this information on Russian version of National Bank of Kazakhstan website).

The coin comes in capsule with certificate of authencity (COA) and in original box.

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